Podcast and Podsafe Music

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If you create your own podcasts then you will certainly need great music to accompany your fabulous new show. There’s actually a great choice of music available on the Internet for podcasters but there’s two vital things to watch out for: is it legal? and is it good quality?To be sure that your podcast music is “podsafe” or legal, you really need to buy music from a royalty free music library or independent musician who specifically gives you the rights to use his or her music. The SMARTassMusic standard license gives you the right to use our music as much as you like in your podcasts and many other projects too! And did I mention….there’s free tracks too and yes, you’re welcome to use these in your podcasts absolutely free.The other important point is that of quality. Our music is crystal clear audio quality and available for instant download as both WAV and high quality MP3 files (192kbps). You shouldn’t sacrifice quality for bandwidth when producing your podcasts and any audio compression less than 128kbps containing music, is going to be noticably poor. Good luck with your podcasting!