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Jazz Piano – Introduction – Scale Tone Sevenths

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Scale Tone Chords (Sevenths)
Vertical and Horizontal Harmony
Jazz harmony is based upon the diatonic major scale.
Diatonic harmony moves in two direction: Horizontal and Vertical.
  • Horizontal harmony
In Fig 9 we think of (and hear!) each chord as it’s position in the scale (eg II V I) - horizontally
  • Vertical Harmony
In Fig 10 we think of each note that builds the chord (eg 1,3,5,7) - vertically
Scale Tone Sevenths:
By combining horizontal & vertical harmony we arrive at the basic harmonic sound used in Jazz -Scale Tone Sevenths
A 7th is built of a root (1), 3rd, 5th and 7th. 
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The ideal register for the lower notes of these chords in the left hand is:
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Practise building scale tone sevenths in all twelve keys.



James Treweek

James trained classically in Piano & Clarinet and studied Jazz at University. He has worked as an MD & pianist at Ronnie Scott’s, Pizza Express Jazz club Dean Street, The Hippodrome, Leicester Sq Theatre, London Palladium, & was MD for the “Rat Pack” band for David Beckham (with Elton John as support!)