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Virtual Instruments & Programming

Virtual instruments are highly sophisticated sampled instruments which can sound completely real if programmed with great care.As with any tool, the secret to getting the most out of them is in understanding how to write for the real instrument. Careful writing, recording and manipulation of virtual instruments can produce stunning results.

  • We use some of the most sophistacted virtual instruments available
  • We've used Steinberg's Cubase since the days of the Atari - we're now on version 9.5 Pro
Big Sounds - Small Budget

Combining world class sampling with an extensive knowledge of music arranging and different styles can produce startling results. We

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World Class Technology
 We take pride in delivering only the best.
We use the most powerful audio and notation software available


  • it was a great effort by all concerned for a particularly high quality product. I am very impressed by your attention to detail and your quick improvisation on the day when the clock was against us. How much do you charge for 1) transcription 2) arrangement and 3) backing track recreation. I ask for two reasons, one in order to recommend your premium quality services to those who might be interested and two, because I need to transcribe………
    Will, Baltimore Music (Producer/ musician)
  • I still can’t get over how talented you and your musicians are. I wish I had found out about SMARTass Music a long time ago. I’m highly impressed.
    Buddy, Composer USA
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