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Lester Young Transcription

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Lester Young "Lady Be Good" solo - Feb 4th 1939

This famous solo marks an important point in Jazz history. It was recorded with Count Basie on piano in 1939 and marks a transition from somewhat "corny" playing of the time to the lyrical, long lines of the "cool" players that were to follow.
Young's style influenced every sax' player that followed him.
It's important for jazz musicians to learn this solo and be able to sing it!

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Lester Young's important solo on "Lady Be Good", with Count Basie. Young's solo starts at 40s.


James Treweek

James Treweek

James trained classically in Piano & Clarinet and studied Jazz at University. He has worked as an MD & pianist at Ronnie Scott’s, Pizza Express Jazz club Dean Street, The Hippodrome, Leicester Sq Theatre, London Palladium, & was MD for the “Rat Pack” band for David Beckham (with Elton John as support!)